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A perfect summer day in Boston Harbor!  Where were days like these back in May when we needed them?

Summer in Boston Harbor (CLT, 7.6.2011).


 We counted a total of 117 eider chicks during a survey of the Outer Islands (down from 159 last week).  Chicks were attended by 110 females, with an additional 326 females in the area.   This means a total of 436 females detected, as compared to 443 on our June 28thsurvey.  Pretty similar numbers! 

Gray seals hauled out on the Graves (CLT, 7.6.2011).


There was definitely a sense that summer had arrived.  We noted many Wilson’s Storm-petrels in the Outer Harbor, several gray seals were hauled out on the Graves, and Spotted Sandpipers were observed actively feeding in the intertidal zones of Calf,  Green, Middle, Outer, and Little Brewster.   We had several American Oystercatchers calling in flight near Calf and observed one adult on the landing beach there.  We observed 4 adults in flight along the east side of Calf later in the morning, though it was not clear if these were the same individuals or from where they were coming.  One AMOY adult was also observed on the landing beach on Middle Brewster where previously detected.    

Hardingworking volunteers (CLT, 7.6.2011).


The Least Tern colony on Lovells remains quite active with several chicks close to fledging.  There were approximately 35 adults attending the colony. Given the timing and the lower adult numbers (and two very fat gull chicks nearby) it seems likely that some predation has taken place, though in general the colony was still very active.  No American Oystercatchers were detected on Lovells.

Back out on a couple weeks!


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