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Hi everyone!
Things are definitely winding down for the season in Boston Harbor (at least bird-wise). On Thursday we spent the morning following up on American Oystercatcher pairs observed earlier in the season. We detected active pairs on Button and Sarah in Hingham Harbor, as well as a pair on Grape Island. Oddly, one of the adults on Button appeared to be incubating, which seems unlikely given the late date… We also detected 9 adult oystercatchers on Sheep Island and another 3 on Hangman.

Cormorant colony on Middle Brewster (CLT, 07.12.2012).

During a landing on Great Brewster we found only a single pair of oystercatchers on the south end of the island. There were two pairs nesting on the landing beach earlier in the season. In a trip around the Outer Islands we observed 3 adult oystercatchers in flight on the south end of Calf and another adult on the rocks off the east side of Calf. We also detected an adult (may have been the same previously seen in flight) on the west end of Middle Brewster. There were no pairs observed on Green or Outer Brewster where we had observed them earlier in the season. No oystercatcher chicks were observed.

Other items of note: Wading birds colonies were still quite active on Sarah and Sheep. We spotted a Harbor Seal off Hangman. And we observed many Spotted Sandpipers feeding on the rocks all over the place! We also noted a handful of young eider in the Outer Islands, but remaining chicks are now large enough to be extremely difficult to distinguish from adult females, so no formal survey was conducted.

Hope you are all having a great summer! Our last trip will be on July 26th, after which I’ll provide a more complete summary of American Oystercatcher observations for the season.



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