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Hi all!

We wrapped up the season last Thursday with boat-based surveys of Snake Island and the Outer Harbor.  We observed 7 adult American Oystercatchers with 4 chicks on Snake, as well as one adult on Fisherman’s Bend in Winthrop and one adult on the shore of the Logan runway.  Susannah reported 5 fledged chicks on Snake earlier in June.  Of the four we saw last Thursday, 3 were two young to have been observed in June, indicating that Snake has potentially produced at least 8 fledged chicks this season!

Searching for American Oystercatchers in the Outer Islands. (CLT, 7.26.2012)


Unfortunately, observations of oystercatcher productivity elsewhere in the Harbor have been less fruitful… We observed 2 adults on Calf, 1 adult on Little Calf, 1 adult on The Graves, and 1 adult on Shag Rocks, all feeding intertidally.  No other fledged chicks were observed.  A summary of oystercatcher observations throughout the 2012 season and our ‘best guesses’ for productivity outcomes are attached.

Harbor Seals and Common Eider on The Graves. (CLT, 7.26.2012).


Other items of note on Thursday were a Whimbrel on Green Island, and 6 harbor seals hauled out on The Graves.  We also noted feeding Spotted Sandpipers on Snake, Calf, Little Calf, Green, Middle Brewster, and Outer Brewster.

Harbor Seals hauled out in The Graves. (CLT, 7.26.2012).


Thanks you all for a wonderful season!


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